Our Indoor environments consist of:

Practical Life, Sensorial, Geometry and Algebra, Mathematics and Language.  Our Cultural area incorporates Zoology, Botany, History, Geography and Science. 


We have a cosy, well stocked library, a beautiful Art area and upstairs, a very well equipped Music room.


“If you can walk , you can dance.

If you can talk, you can sing.”

Zimbabwe proverb.


Our Outdoor environment consists of:


A beautiful garden with old, well established trees and a spacious lawn area, a large wooden jungle gym and a covered and roofed sandpit.  Many shady paved areas.  A sheltered courtyard full of plants and shrubs, edged with a cool veranda.

“I live in heaven.  My home is a sphere that turns around the sun.  It is called Earth.”

Dr Maria Montessori.


School hours:

From 07h00 until 17h30.  Closed all school holidays.


School terms:

The school operates on 4 terms per year.



Aftercare is provided from 12h30 until 17h30 during term-time only.  The afternoon is structured to allow time for lunch, a rest (for the younger ones) constructive activities and supervised play.  No lunch is provided.  Parents are expected to provide a packed lunch.


Extra Mural Activities:

We offer music (which is compulsory). Pottery, and yoga (which are optional).


Outings and Entertainment:

During the year we have outings to places of interest and educational shows visit the school.


Lunches and snacks:

We are very strict about diet and only nutritious food and snacks are allowed at school.


Security and safety:

There are three locked gates giving access to the premises.  Parents are given a code.  We are linked to a security company that operates response vehicles and emergency medical help.  The staff members are trained in First Aid and CPR.



Open Day:

Our Open Day is in Spring, on the first Saturday in September.

SATURDAY September 02, 2017 at 10 am - 1pm









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