Thank you for sharing with us a Montessori education and environment in the truest sense of the word.   Three years of exposure to this wonderful method, and the nurturing quality of facilitation has laid the solid foundation stones for the success that our child is today.  The beautiful equipment was a great stimulus for the mind, and the encouragement of creative freedom allowed our child to develop holistically.

My own work at Montessori schools, and studies of Montessori over many years, in the context of music, has enlightened and enabled me to see how valuable it is to expose ones child to this beautiful method of education.  Over and above that, I can really appreciate how correctly this method is presented and executed at High Hopes Montessori School. 

Andy and Rose Graham

My daughter was just over the age of three when my husband and I realised the need for her to enter a school that would help stimulate her socially and intellectually.  High Hopes was recommended by a friend who had studied early childhood development and we were introduced to the Montessori Method of education.  Besides the beautiful, secure environment in which the school is situated my daughter had the privilege of learning music, pottery and practical life skills.  I can only say that with such an environment children will strive for the better.

Although this was 15 years ago the school still remains as efficient and welcoming as ever and I would recommend it to any parent who is seeking to present  their child with a gift that is the basis for a solid future.  Thank you to High Hopes

Jaishree Narsai

Thank you, Louise and the team from High Hopes Montessori for providing our two girls with a solid foundation for their education, the full value of which we only realised when our elder daughter constantly excelled academically throughout primary school.

Thank you also for equipping  them  with good moral values, self-discipline and respect for other beings and their surroundings.

Thank you for keeping our children safely and for always bearing their best interest at heart.

We will remember our 10 year long association with High Hopes fondly:  there are enough happy memories to last a life time!

May we wish you only the best for the future.

Quintin, Carin, Lara (14) and Ivana (5) Krahtz

High Hopes Montessori has given our daughter a solid foundation that has allowed her to grow into a very confident well balanced child that excels academically, culturally and in sports. 

Ashley and Ancella Ramjas


During the years (1994 through 1997) the boys spent at High Hopes, they were encouraged to develop their own personalities within a  friendly and supportive environment. They were able to develop into well-adjusted individuals and both of them have already made their mark in life.

Through the calm and loving guidance of Louise we were able to manage difficulties and are now looking back with a smile!  Louise also taught me to believe in the boys and to let go. . . never easy, but I will forever be grateful for that lesson learned!

Ronel Viljoen

I have been involved with High Hopes Montessori for over 12 years, and still look forward to each day I spend there.  I have taught at numerous schools, but High Hopes remains a firm favourite.  The children are truly wonderful.  They are full of joy and enthusiasm for learning, yet have beautiful manners and respect for all. 

The teachers are always composed, calm and quick to give each child an encouraging smile.  Louise is patient and kind with all the children, but is direct with parents when it comes to the child’s educational needs.  I often regret not having had the opportunity to send my own children there when they were younger. 

I highly recommend this school to everyone.  It is genuinely a place offering that “something extra” that parents so desperately seek for their special treasures.

Jean Varges.  Little Champs instructor

At High Hopes my three children know they are valued as individuals.  As a mum this is very important to me.  It is not only the work they produce that is valued, but my children also understand the importance of acts of kindness to their friends and they are taught to respect and tend to the environment they work in.  And so they should !  The environment at High Hopes is beautiful.

The qualities of caring and co-operation are reinforced every day at High Hopes.  My children bring these attributes home into our family life.  They are attributes I hope they carry through life with them.

My son, who has special educational needs and attends on a few days per week with a facilitator, is truly a valued and integrated member of the school.  The fact that the other children are so accepting and embracing of his many physical, intellectual and emotional differences is testament to the school’s nurturing environment.

Sarah and Rashid Ismail

When we were visiting a few crèches and schools for our little girl Britin aged two and a half and ended up at High Hopes Montessori we had no doubt in our minds that we had found the right place.  We liked the school’s facilities with all the different work areas.  Hearing about Maria Montessori and allowing the children their own space with many lessons to learn in a unique way became very fulfilling to us as Montessori parents.

Both our girls Britin and Trice have happily completed a loving four years at High Hopes Montessori and I would recommend this school to parents wanting to raise calm independent and confident children.

To the owner, Louise our deepest appreciation for all the support you have given us as a family.  Thank you for being so transparent.  Your strong vision and mission gave our girls the best foundation.  We are yet to meet another person with the same amount of love that you have to give.

The Drotos Family

It has been our family’s privilege to be part of the High Hopes community for the last three years.  We have high expectations for the people in our children’s lives and the staff at High Hopes Montessori  have not only met our expectations, but have greatly exceeded them.  The teachers are wonderful and take the time to give every child the individual attention they require.  They make every child feel special which in turn makes them feel more self-confident and secure.  It is such a nurturing, safe and clean environment.

I am most impressed with the way our daughter has learned to speak English.  We only speak Afrikaans at home and were very concerned when we joined the school that she (then only two and a half years old) would not fit in.  Within the first four months she was comfortably adapted and could translate a lot of English words.  Now she is able to have a meaningful conversation in English without any help.

We have also gained a lot of insight and good advice from the organised lectures every term.  The school material is always very organized and it is always a pleasure to receive communication.  We look forward to our remaining time at High Hopes Montessori.

Therese and Andre Visser, Montessori Parents

Dearest Louise.  Firstly, thank you for the valuable lessons you have taught me as a mother of children in a Montessori school. These lessons are life changing and applicable anywhere and everywhere.  They become a part of you and leave you a better person.  Secondly, thank you for the solid foundation you have selflessly given to my boys.  You have taught them independence and fundamental academic basics in all the spheres that I envy.  I wish I had gone through the same as a child.  The boys always stand out wherever we go.  Here I am not referring to intelligence.  I am referring to love, confidence, gratitude, respect and consideration to other children, people and things in general.  What I love most is that my children are equipped to go out there and be themselves!

You have embedded critical life values in them that I could never have done on my own.  I look at them, smile and marvel with pride at the beautiful and amazing beings they have become.

Lastly, I can never begin to thank you for the most critical value that you enforced for me and always reiterated: that in the Montessori  environment and your space the CHILD COMES FIRST !  For you it was never about the money and for that I will always admire you.  You selflessly gave love to the children and guidance to the parents.  In the process you taught us to forever cherish, SPEND TIME and love our children.   Your passion for teaching our children and most importantly teaching them life skills seems to me a calling for you!  It is priceless!

Thank you so very much.

Sibongile Shongwe, Mehluko, Phuti and Bandile Letsoalo

P.S.  I have referred all of my friends, nieces, nephews  and loved ones to Montessori and those in the surrounds to High Hopes!

The day we visited High Hopes Montessori for the first time in 2008, we realised that we had reached our destination.  What we saw was a neat, clean and focussed environment.  The kind of support structure we wanted.  Our son, Rynhardt, was enrolled and we were pleasantly surprised at how quickly he embraced the High Hopes culture of love and respect:  for others, for himself and, above all, a love and respect for learning. 

Furthermore, although he came from an Afrikaans background, he was fully bilingual in no time at all.  Being an educator myself, I saw in High Hopes an extension of our values and goals as parents.  In the four years he was in the school he became adept at analysing and solving problems; he loves puzzles and Lego; he loves reading and thinking.  Overall, High Hopes gave him the best start in life I could ever have wished for.  Thank you!  May the school go from strength to strength.

Isolde and Kobus Steyn

All three our children, Eleanor, Alex and Karla have had the great privilege of attending High Hopes.  Louise, through her enthusiastic but calm classroom manner laid the foundation for our children to become the responsible and self- disciplined young adults they are today.  The Montessori way is one of the great teaching methods to develop a child to his or her full potential, at their own individual pace, and Louise is an outstanding Montessori teacher.  We can thus without any reservation enthusiastically recommend High Hopes!

Ivan and Cheryl Muller

We started our journey at High hopes Montessori School about 7 years ago with our eldest child Thashmika and then later on with our younger daughter Dharini.  High Hopes Montessori School has provided , and continues to provide a loving and secure environment for the development of young children.  We have been very pleased by the progress our children have made under the guidance of the school.

Thashmika transitioned extremely well into Primary School after leaving High Hopes and we believe that the values gained at High Hopes helped her in this transition.  We are greatly indebted to Louise and her staff for their dedication in helping to mould our children with a sense of responsibility, confidence and discipline.

Thank you for playing such an important role in our children’s lives.

Danny and Pasha NaiCker

We would like to thank Louise and her staff at High Hopes for their incredible teaching methods.  Our daughter, Neha was a pupil at High Hopes for four years.  During the four years we noticed that our child became extremely motivated and confident.  We believe the school is brilliant because it has definitely given our child a wonderful balance and foundation for the future, making her responsible and independent.  Thank you.

Shamalin and Natasha Singh

Dear Louise.  High Hopes Montessori under your guidance and tutelage has provided the fundamental building blocks for the education of our children, Alisha and Shaylin. (Alisha attended High Hopes from 2004 to 2007 and Shaylin from 2008 to 2011)

The school provides a safe and secure haven, cocooning the children, allowing them to thrive in an environment that is ideal for learning.  There is a variety of activities and tasks that the children can choose to do individually or in groups, providing a well- rounded holistic approach for children to learn at their pace.  They still fondly remember the various activities such as mathematics, language, social skills and the practice of household chores (ironing, folding and washing up).  There are also various extra activities such as music, pottery, “Little Champs” for exercise and yoga that the children could do.  We still use the pottery spoon rest and candle holders!

The children are treated with respect and dignity.  Discipline is in the form of a firm voice and no loud shouting. Our children learned to interact with children of different ages and as they got older they also learnt to take care of and assist the younger children.

The outdoor sports events and year end functions and music mornings were special.

Not surprisingly, our children, most times, looked forward to going to school!

More importantly, is the excellent support and continuous feedback you provide to parents. (If only more parents will listen to you!)  Thanks for the continuous feed-back, every term, on the progress of our children’s education.  Such feedback was invaluable to assist us to focus and improve on vital areas of our children’s education.

Special talks were arranged on various topics for parents to also learn about providing and extending the Montessori environment at home.  Larne’ Neuland’s talk about how we think has made a lasting impact on all of us.  We remember this special talk and continue to use the message of this talk to assist others about the way we think and the positive impact it can have in our lives.

Louise and the rest of the teachers at High hopes will always be fondly remembered by the Parboo family! Thank you.

Love,  Jayshree, Mahesh, Alisha and Shaylin Parbhoo








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