A Dedication Poem:


My heart has become capable of every form.

It is a pasture for gazelles,

And a monastery for Christian monks.

And a temple for idols.

And the pilgrim’s Kabba.

And the tablets of the Torah.

And the book of the Koran.

I follow the religion of Love.

Whatever way love’s camel takes.

That is my religion, my faith.

Ibn  Arabi.


Thank you to my dear and wonderful Montessori lecturer, trainer, mentor and friend, Glen Blokker, who was always so generous in sharing all her knowledge and wisdom.



Surely she dwells amongst angels.

“Follow the path that is no path: Follow your bliss”

Joseph Campbell

Thank you to my only daughter, Islay Stoutjesdyk, the light of my life, living in the UK and married to her wonderful husband Richard Probert, who opened the gateway for me and was totally instrumental in starting me on my deeply fulfilling Montessori journey.







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